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Go into the cavern, little bear, and find your friend! You will fight monsters along the way, and meet allies too. Speak softly and carry a sharp wooden branch with which to hit bad guys, and you'll make it through okay.

This game is entirely keyboard-controlled. You can rebind the keys from the options menu. The defaults are A and S to attack, E to use equipped item, and Enter to pause.
You can save your game in the bed after the first area.
You can also choose which items to purchase or ignore, which areas to explore first, and there are a few secrets that might help you too.

The music is from Incompetech.com!

I had been working on this game on-and-off for a year and a half through depression. It's not what I hoped it would be and I struggled to want to work on it, but I'm glad that I can finally release it. Thank you to my friends who believed in me.


Picayune.exe 23 MB

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