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An experimental sort of action-puzzle-RPG idea. I doubt this could really work as a full game, at least without some big changes. This was made for a game jam sort of event in 2013. So it's pretty sloppily made in some respects. I think the Info screen may be inaccurate. For one, I don't think the keyboard is actually used for anything besides a few debug keys.  


Click and drag various blocks from the scrolling feed onto the grid when it's your turn (when the grid is grey).
Red blocks (L-shaped and +-shaped) attack.
The white blocks (various sizes of squares) add shielding to reduce damage taken for one turn.
The blue, cyan, orange blocks (the small two-tile ones) are element-based attacks. 

When the timer runs out, the enemy performs an action.
Then it's your turn again. 
Try to figure out which blocks you should or shouldn't be using by watching the messages on top of the screen. Yeah, it goes way too fast, sorry about that. 

You can hold right mouse button to make your blocks feed scroll faster. 

There's no point in winning or losing! It's just an experiment.


Revenge and Runes prototype.exe 17 MB

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